A Special Ring of Hell

special ring of hell

I want to begin this foray into my view of life by personally thanking the noble, self-sacrificing git who thought that, just because he was snuffling, coughing and sneezing with an infectious disease, that he’d go in to work anyway.  A mere illness wasn’t going to put him off!   Oh no, he’s made of sterner stuff.  (Besides, he needed the extra Xmas cash.)

So, thank you for the lurgy-fest (which most people call “the festive season”) you graciously insisted I take part in, just because you were so brave, so strong, so selfless as not to let your malady keep you from your work.

You’re an inspiration to the nation and I’m sure all of us to whom you generously gave this Yuletide gift, will join me in honouring you with a heartfelt two-fingered salute.

I hope you had as much of an enjoyable time as we did.  All the best for 2013.

(And I hope you get the sack.)

As for bosses who put the thumbscrews on empoyees taking time off when they are actually ill… yeah, just have the majority of your staff taking time off with the cold/flu/norovirus/whatever.  Smart move, Mr Greedyarse Corporate Bastard.


By belladonichazel

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