I strongly believe that the Conservative party should be outlawed and this wonderful article by Graeme Beard (above) explains in a very easy-to-understand rhetoric, just why I believe this.

Since the radical change in the class system at the end of World War Two, the Tories have had to fight hard to maintain their affluent lifestyles. Why? Because the “lower classes” suddenly had power, the power of their hard-working selves. Tories hate this and there will never be full employment while they’re allowed to govern. The Tories always have and always will only look out for the wealthy at the expense of the working classes.

Not news, really. This is what capitalism is all about. The rich can only ever be super-rich by grinding the poor into the dirt, that’s all they’re there for, really.

This is a criminal, evil government out to return the class system to the UK and themselves to the glory-days of Conservatism where the rich were rich and the poor and working-classes “knew their place”. Every since the second world war, they’ve done their damnedest to bring about the ruin of our crowning glory – the National Health Service which, for the first time, allowed everyone, irrespective of income, to have that most basic thing in any civilised society – the right to see a doctor without having to go without food, heating or rent. They have done their utmost to crush the welfare system in its entirety and return the “common man” to where they believe we should be – in the gutter, wringing our collective caps and grovelling for whatever morsel they deign to toss to us.

Do we really need or want that? Conservatism – capitalism – is as outdated as the leech (if you don’t believe in a class system), because they can only flourish by keeping the masses so far below them, constantly struggling simply to survive.

Therefore, I say the Conservative party should be outlawed and never allowed to govern again. They are obsolete. Dinosaurs. Let’s relegate them and their capitalist ideals where they belong – TO HISTORY.

Vox Political

austeritydolequeueToday Vox Political is offering a guest blog, for your edification and education. Graeme Beardwrote the following in response to ‘Millionaire’s government will make paupers of us all’. It’s far too long for me to put in the ‘Comment’ section of that article but far too interesting to let it go unpublished. Therefore I am reproducing it as an article in its own right. If anyone else has anything they want to get off their chests, I’ll happily consider other submissions as well.

Over to Graeme:

OK – well let’s get something rather nasty out of the way first. Austerity for the masses is an extremely efficient and effective macro-economic device. Absolutely counter-productive and even destructive to a consumer based economy it is the best way by far, (apart from slavery) on a macro-economic level to shift money from the pockets of the poor to the pockets of the…

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