Ah, it’s just so bloody easy to hit out at those too weak – either physically, mentally or financially – to fight back, isn’t it? It’s bad enough that this government thinks it’s a “good thing to do” but where is the conscience, the common bloody sense, of the average working man and woman? Can’t they think for themselves instead of being led around by the trashiest tabloids this country can muster? When able-bodied people see someone disabled, WHY aren’t they thinking “there but for the grace of God…” instead of “lying, thieving bastards”? But this is the disease of capitalism at its best – or should I say worst? Money is power, money is God, money is the be-all, end-all and what the poor people do is merely to provide a target for a bit of sport. Who cares about the most vulnerable in society these days? Well, it’s certainly not the government or their media puppets.

Watching that Panorama Programme on BBC1 on Monday evening, 28th January, “The Disability Scam” and hearing those words, “Lying Thieving Bastards” from an ex employee from Triage, a work programme contractor provider, left a vile sick feeling in my stomach, and I am so damned incensed, so I thought I would write this in response to that vile statement.

I feel angry; actually, livid is a better term to use.  The words Scroungers, Fraudsters and now Lying Thieving Bastards, aimed at claimants, particularly those on disability benefits, have been bounded about a lot since the Condems came to power in May 2010.

Disability Hate Crime has rocketed since records began due to the Government propaganda and large swathes of the media.  In January 2013, in the town of Blackpool alone, disability hate crime has rocketed 40%.  We live in fear every single day.  I then started thinking about the term…

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By belladonichazel

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