As if we need any more convincing. These “news”papers are only fit to be rather uncomfortable toilet paper. They and this criminal government need to be put on trial for what they’re doing. They’re nothing more than lying, thieving bastards. Wait, where have I heard that phrase before…?

Pride's Purge

(it’s not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

Yesterday, the Daily Mail published yet another of its endless dubious stories about how working class people are all lazy scroungers on benefits who drink too much alcohol, scrounge off the state, are bad parents blah blah bloody blah.

You can read the article here, if you really must (warning – link to Daily Mail nonsense):

Is this Britain’s most irresponsible parent?

Well, the woman in the story is actually an actress.

Here’s her casting page:

Carolyn (shannon) Burrows

Can’t blame the woman. She does a very good job playing the part of a working-class parent – well one according to the Daily Mail anyway.

I hope they paid her well for her role.

This comes after both the Mail and the Sun printed the following similar dubious story which also used an actress (or the wife of a Russian billionaire?):


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